Florida 27-23



1st Quarter

FLA: Durrance 7 yard pass from Reaves (Franco kick)

2nd Quarter

MD: Behbahanl 23 yard field goal

FLA: Boardman 24 yard pass from Reaves (kick failed)

MD: Behbahanl 36 yard field goal

MD: Bungori 4 yard pass from Neville (Behbahanl kick)

3rd Quarter

MD: Behbahanl 31 yard field goal

FLA: Alvarez 16 yard pass from Reaves (Franco kick)

MD: Bungori 10 yard pass from Neville (Behbahanl kick)

4th Quarter

FLA: Durrance 10 yard pass from Reaves (Franco kick)

MD's Monte Hinkle fumbled at FLA 1 with two minutes to play.



FLA: Reaves 23/34, 300 yds


MD: Monte Hinkle 153


FLA: Alvarez 10/134


  • Eugene Register-Guard. 24 Oct 1971.
  • Palm Beach Post. 24 Oct 1971.

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