Wake Forest 9-7

Winston-Salem (18,000)


1st Quarter

WF: Ramsey 24 yard field goal...12 plays, 59 yds

2nd Quarter

WF: Ramsey 24 yard field goal...9 plays, 52 yds

3rd Quarter

FSU: Mitchell 4 yard run (Joe Downey kick)...71 yd march led by QB Billy Sexton, who was 2/8 with two picks in first half, starting from 29 - Sexton hit WR Joe Goldsmith for 37 yds to WF 33, Hodges Mitchell loses one on a sweep, Sexton to Goldsmith for 21 more to WF 13, on 2nd down Sexton completes to Jim Everett to the four, then FSU coach Larry Jones gambles and calls for another sweep left for Mitchell

WF Felix Glassgow returns ensuing kickoff 62 yds to FSU 33, three plays gain five yards and Ramsey is short on 45 yd FG

FSU starts at 20, Sexton completes two passes for 34 yds but drive is stopped when S Rich Sievers intercepts Sexton for third time

WF behind RBs Clayton Heath and Frank Harsh move the ball but FSU stops them on 4th-and-2 at own 26

Sexton throws to Ed Davis for 25 but a long pass to Goldsmith is incomplete at WF 15 but interference on CB Randy Stits gives FSU a first down

4th Quarter

FSU continues to move ball to WF 8 but fake field goal on fourth down is no good as Downey's pass is incomplete

Sexton intercepted for fourth time after exchange of punts

WF takes over at own 11, QB Andy Carlton gets them out of trouble with three straight first down passes to FSU 48, Heath gets 24 on a draw, Carlton to TE Steve Crandell for 11 to FSU 13, Earl Humes INT at FSU 1

Three runs gets three yards and Downey's punt falls dead at own 27, Harsh and Heath lose a combined nine yards sandwiched around an incompletion

WF: Chuck Ramsey 42 yard field goal, :08...Ramsey also a WR



Passing: FSU 11/21/163/4, WF 14/35/173/1

Rushing: FSU 34/97, WF 39/116


  • "Late Three-Pointer Nudges FSU, 9-7." Palm Beach Post. 16 Sept 1973.

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