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USC 23-6

1 2 3 4 Total
USC 7 7 0 10 24
Georgia Tech 0 3 3 0 6

at Atlanta


1st Quarter

USC: Lynn Swann 48 yard punt return (kick good)...two teams traded punts in the quarter until USC pinned GT at its own 6

2nd Quarter

GT: Cam Bonifay 40 yard field goal...Chris Limahelu missed 27 yd FG and GT drove to USC 23

USC: Swann 15 yard pass from Haden (kick good), :17...12 pl/69 yd drive in response to GT FG

3rd Quarter

GT: Bonifay 40 yard field goal...GT drives in 10 plays to open 2nd half before teams trade punts for the quarter

4th Quarter

USC: Limahelu 20 yard field goal

USC: J.K. McKay 15 yard pass from Haden (kick good)...set up by Stevens' 3rd INT, 6 pl/61 yds

Parker intercepts Stevens for third time with :58 to seal victory



USC: Pat Haden 9/16, 118 yds

GT: Jim Stevens 9/23, 116 yds, 4 INT


USC: Anthony Davis 24/71, Rod McNeill 15/66, Ken Gray 2/10, Haden 5/10, Swann 1/8, Ray Washmera 1/6, Manfred Moore 2/5

GT: Greg Horne 9/49, Richard Hill 8/43, Cleo Johnson 7/18, Bruce Southall 6/15, Jim Stevens 7/-3, Jim Robinson 1/-5


USC: Swann 3/44, Moore 3/31, McKay 2/30, Shelton Diggs 1/13

GT: Mark Fields 4/51, Bruce Southall 2/23, Jim Owings 1/14, Robinson 1/14, Robert Stevenson 1/14


USC: Artimus Parker 3 INT


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