Notre Dame 44-0

Orange Bowl


1st Quarter

ND: Wayne Bullock 2 yard run (kick good)...82 yd drive, Art Best 40 yd run

2nd Quarter

ND: Bullock 1 yard run (kick good)...MIA missed FG to start drive, ND did not throw a pass to this point

ND: Pete Demmerle 21 yard pass from Tom Clements (kick good)

ND: Bob Thomas 47 yard field goal

3rd Quarter

ND: Eric Penick 9 yard run (kick good)

ND: Demmerle 7 yard pass from Clements (kick good)

4th Quarter

ND: backup QB Cliff Brown 6 yard run (no XP)



ND: Clements 6/12, 98 yds, Brown 1/2, 28 yds

MIA: Ed Carney 7/12, 72 yds, Coy Hall 1/3, 46 yds, INT, Kary Baker 1/3, 12 yds, INT


ND: Bullock 20/116, Best 10/92, Penick 12/69, Tom Parise 8/63, Al Hunter 2/27, Al Samuel 6/25, Clements 7/20, Brown 6/19, Ron Goodman 2/13, Willie Townsend 1/4

MIA: Johnny Williams 9/26, Woody Thompson 4/20, Alan Reynaud 3/9, Hall 1/5, Tim Morgan 1/5, Henry Radford 1/4, Greg Ingram 2/3, Silvio Cardoso 1/2, Walt Sweeting 1/-4, Carney 5/-14, Baker 5/-18


ND: Demmerle 3/43, Dave Casper 1/35, Townsend 1/28, Best 1/15, Hunter 1/5

MIA: Phil August 4/61, Cardoso 1/46, Steve Marcantonio 2/23, Sweeting 1/8, Thompson 1/-8


  • College Football Belt

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