Michigan 14-3

Columbus (88,358)

Last Woody vs. Bo game


1st Quarter

OSU: Atha 29 yard field goal

MICH: Feaster 30 yard pass from Leach (Willner kick)

2nd Quarter

No Scoring

3rd Quarter

MICH: Smith 11 yard pass from Leach (Willner kick)

4th Quarter

No Scoring



Passing: MICH 11/22/166/0, OSU 5/10/48/1

Rushing: MICH 58/198, OSU 51/168


MICH: Leach 11/21, 166 yds, Dickey 0/1

OSU: Schlichter 4/9, 44 yds, INT, Gerald 1/1, 5 yds


MICH: R. Smith 10/67, R. Davis 13/48, Woolfolk 15/41, Leach 10/23

OSU: Springs 12/63, Volley 12/60, Schlichter 21/32


MICH: Marsh 2/39, Clayton 2/28, R. Smith 2/20, Feaster 1/30

OSU: Springs 2/10, Gerald 1/25, Moore 1/8


  • Palm Beach Post. 26 Nov 1978.

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