Ohio State 44-7

Champaign (41,870)


1st Quarter

OSU: Vlade Janakievski 47 yard field goal

2nd Quarter

OSU: Calvin Murray 4 yard run (Janakievski kick)...70-yard drive started late in 1st, Murray scored on broken play (Schlichter dropped snap at ILL 4, picked it up and pitched it right where it bounced loose before Murray picked it up and scored from 15 yards out)

OSU: LB Todd Bell 16 yard block punt return (Jankievski kick)...G Mike Sullivan blocked the punt

3rd Quarter

OSU: Paul Campbell 3 yard run (Janakievski kick)...Tyrone Hicks returned 2nd half KO 36 yds, seven plays later they scored

OSU: Janakievski 36 yard field goal

ILL: TE Lee Boeke 10 yard pass from QB Lawrence McCullough (Jones kick)...68 yds on eight plays

4th Quarter

OSU: Art Schlichter 4 yard run (Janakievski kick)...Bell recovered fumble by McCullough to start drive

OSU: Jankievski 51 yard field goal...Jankievski missed a 23-yard FG

OSU: Brad Dwelle 4 yard pass from Greg Castignola (Jankievski kick)

Vince Skillings had an INT


  • Palm Beach Post. 4 Nov 1979.

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