Navy 27-21



1st Quarter

NAVY: McCallum 6 yard run (Young kick)

2nd Quarter

NAVY: Heine 40 yard pass from Pagnanelli (Young kick)

NAVY: Young 47 yard field goal

3rd Quarter

NAVY: Young 43 yard field goal

NAVY: Weiler 9 yard pass from Pagnanelli (Young kick)

4th Quarter

DUKE: Castor 9 yard pass from Ben Bennett (Tolish kick)

DUKE: Herring 31 yard pass from Bennett (Tolish kick)

DUKE: Tillery 24 yard pass from Bennett (Tolish kick)

Bennett 20/26, 249 yds in 4th QT



NAVY: Marco Pagnanelli 15/17, 171 yds

DUKE: Bennett 32/50, 362 yds, 3 INT


NAVY: Napoleon McCallum 36/211, Pagnanelli 13/58

DUKE: Grayson 6/48


NAVY: Heine 5/72, Weiler 5/37, Cebak 3/41

DUKE: Tillery 6/79, Castor 6/65, Franks 5/48, Grayson 5/44, Militello 4/63


  • Gainesville Sun. 3 Oct 1982.

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