Penn State 34-30

State College (85,899)


1st Quarter

PSU: Gancitano 37 yard field goal

2nd Quarter

ND: Johnston 29 yard field goal

PSU: Jackson 11 yard pass from Strang (Gancitano kick)

ND: Pinkett 17 yard run (Johnston kick)

PSU: Gancitano 40 yard field goal

3rd Quarter

ND: Pinkett 16 yard run (Johnston kick)

PSU: FB Jon Williams 46 yard pass from Strang (Gancitano kick)

4th Quarter

ND: Pinkett 1 yard run (Johnston kick)

PSU: Jackson 29 yard pass from Strang (Gancitano kick)

ND: Pinkett 1 yard run (run failed), 7:31

PSU: Strang 8 yard run (Gancitano kick), :25...option sweep, PSU had fumbled at ND 12 but got ball back with 57 seconds left at midfield, Williams picked up five and then DiMidio caught a 35-yard pass to Irish 10 for first down, two plays gained two yards before Strang's score



First Downs: ND 24, PSU 26

Rushing: ND 52/269, PSU 44/162

Passing: ND 257, PSU 274

Return Yards: ND 6, PSU 0

Punting: ND 4/33, PSU 2/51

Fumbles: ND 3/0, PSU 2/1

Penalties: ND 3/25, PSU 0/0

Possession: ND 30:52, PSU 29:08


ND: Beuerlein 14/20, 257

PSU: Strang 16/24, 274


ND: Pinkett 36/217, Smith 7/22, Beuerlein 4/2

PSU: Dozier 21/94, Williams 15/61, Strang 6/11


ND: M. Jackson 4/118, Bavaro 5/77, Howard 2/40, Smith 2/25

PSU: K. Jackson 7/101, Williams 3/65, DiMidio 2/56, Baugh 2/31


  • "Penn State slips past Notre Dame, 34-30." Gainesville Sun. 13 Nov 1983.

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