UCLA 54-16

Pasadena (44,189)


1st Quarter

UCLA: Green 18 yard run (Franey kick)

WSU: Broussard 24 yard run (K. Adams kick)

2nd Quarter

WSU: Broussard 6 yard run (K. Adams kick)

WSU: Safety, Barkate recovers blocked punt in end zone

UCLA: Green 2 yard run (Franey kick)

UCLA: Primus 36 yard run (Stevens to Anderson pass)

3rd Quarter

UCLA: Primus 1 yard run (Stevens to Tennell pass)

UCLA: Franey 34 yard field goal

UCLA: Farr 7 yard run (Franey kick)

4th Quarter

UCLA: Tennell 5 yard pass from Stevens (Franey kick)

UCLA: Primus 2 yard run (Franey kick)



Passing: WSU 8/19/96/0, UCLA 16/26/198/0

Rushing: WSU 37/137, UCLA 61/345


WSU: Blount 5/14, 67 yds, Rosenbach 3/5, 29 yds

UCLA: Stevens 16/26, 198 yds


WSU: Broussard 18/66, Porter 13/61, Blount 12/10

UCLA: Green 24/162, Primus 15/78, Greenwood 4/51, Farr 7/34, McCracken 5/33


WSU: K. Taylor 3/35, Chase 2/32, Orchard 2/21, James 1/8

UCLA: Dorrell 5/68, Anderson 5/67, Tennell 3/38, Craig 1/10, Farr 1/8, Primus 1/7


  • Gainesville Sun. 26 Oct 1986.

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