Ohio State 36-33

Columbus (90,584)


1st Quarter

LSU: Browndyke 36 yard field goal

2nd Quarter

OSU: Snow 1 yard run (O'Morrow kick)

OSU: McCray 22 yard blocked punt return (O'Morrow kick)

LSU: Moss 30 yard pass from Hodson (Browndyke kick)

LSU: Browndyke 27 yard field goal

3rd Quarter

OSU: O'Morrow 35 yard field goal

LSU: E. Fuller 3 yard run (Browndyke kick)

LSU: Browndyke 35 yard field goal

4th Quarter

OSU: O'Morrow 41 yard field goal

LSU: Browndyke 20 yard field goal

LSU: Lee 55 yard pass from Hodson (Browndyke kick)

OSU: Snow 5 yard run (O'Morrow kick)

OSU: Safety, Bourgeois ran through end zone

OSU: Olive 20 yard pass from Frey (O'Morrow kick)



Passing: LSU 20/40/299/0, OSU 24/37/281/1

Rushing: LSU 35/120, OSU 35/93


LSU: Hodson 20/40, 299 yds

OSU: Frey 24/37, 281 yds, INT


LSU: E. Fuller 20/87, Jones 4/17, D. Williams 1/9, Hodson 4/6, Moock 1/5, Egloff 1/5, Watkins 3/4

OSU: Snow 21/90, S. Graham 5/12, Matlock 2/7, Frey 7/-16


LSU: Moss 6/117, Lee 6/108, E. Fuller 4/48, Halburton 3/19, Jones 1/7

OSU: Ellis 5/46, Snow 5/41, J. Graham 4/68, S. Graham 4/43, Olive 3/51, Edwards 2/23, Matlock 1/9


  • Gainesville Sun. 25 Sept 1988.

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