BYU 14-13

Arlington (75,437)

Kickoff: 6:06 p.m. local

Weather: Indoors

Television: ABC (Musberger/Herbstreit/Andrews)

Referee: Scott Novak


Starting LineupsEdit


(Offense) WR O'Neill Chambers, WR McKay Jacobson, TE Dennis Pitta, TE Andrew George, LT Matt Reynolds, LG Braden Hansen, C RJ Willing, RG Terrence Brown, RT Nick Alletto, QB Max Hall, RB Manase Tonga

(Defense) DE Jan Jorgensen, NT Russell Tialavea, DE Brett Denney, OLB Jordan Pendleton, ILB Matt Bauman, ILB Shawn Doman, OLB Coleby Clawson, CB Brian Logan, CB Brandon Bradley, S Andrew Rich, S Scott Johnson


(Offense) LT Trent Williams, LG Brian Simmons, C Brody Eldridge, RG Jarvis Jones, RT Cory Brandon, TE James Hanna, WR Adron Tennell, WR Ryan Broyles, QB Sam Bradford, RB Chris Brown, TE Trent Ratteree

(Defense) DE Jeremy Beal, DT Adrian Taylor, DT Gerald McCoy, DE Auston English, OLB Keenan Clayton, MLB Ryan Reynolds, OLB Travis Lewis, CB Dominique Franks, SS Sam Proctor, FS Quinton Carter, CB Brian Jackson


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