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Barry Sanders
Barry Sanders being carried off the field after becoming only the 3rd player in NFL history to rush for 2000 plus yards in a season.
Date of birth July 16, 1968
Place of birth Wichita, Kansas
Position(s) HB
College Oklahoma State
NFL Draft 1989 / Round Round 1/Pick 3
Pro Bowls 10x NFC Pro-Bowl Selection
1989 - 1998 Detroit Lions
College Hall of Fame
Pro Football Hall of Fame, 2004

Barry Sanders (born July 16, 1968) is a Hall of Fame and Heisman Trophy winning American football running back who spent his entire professional career with the Detroit Lions of the NFL. Sanders is best known for being among the most prolific running backs in NFL history, but he retired in his prime, leaving him just short of the all-time rushing record.

Career statisticsEdit

Regular seasonEdit

¹Led league ²Second place ³Third place Tied
Year Rushing Receiving Total
Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD Yds TD
1989 280 1,470² 5.3 142† 24 282 11.8 0 1,752³ 14
1990 255 1,304¹ 5.1 13³ 36 480 13.3 3 1,784² 16¹
1991 342² 1,548² 4.5 16¹ 41 307 7.5 1 1,855² 17¹
1992 3123† 1,352 4.3 9 29 225 7.8 1 1,577 10
1993 243 1,115 4.6 3 36 205 5.7 0 1,320 3
1994 331 1,883¹ 5.7 7 44 283 6.4 1 2,166¹ 8
1995 314 1,500² 4.8 11 48 398 8.3 1 1,898² 12
1996 307 1,553¹ 5.1 11 24 147 6.1 0 1,700³ 11
1997 335 2,053¹ 6.1 113† 33 305 9.2 3 2,358¹ 14³
1998 343 1,491 4.3 4 37 289 7.8 0 1,780 4
5.0 99
352 2,921 8.3 10 18,190

Trivia Edit

  • Sanders is an unlockable boxer in the video game Knockout Kings 2002. He is a free agent running back in the Madden NFL games and ESPN NFL 2K5 video game in season mode if the player gets the Super Bowl MVP Award and wins the game.
  • Sanders is also known as one of the most unstoppable players in Tecmo Super Bowl, a Nintendo game that was incredibly popular during his early career. Many tournaments banned the Lions due the fact that using Sanders gave the team an almost unfair advantage. Other players with this quirk were Thurman Thomas and Bo Jackson.
  • Sanders appears in the original NFL Street as an unlockable legend and he can be created in NFL Street 2 as a player in his likeness.
  • Sanders appeared in Madden NFL 1999 as a member of the Detroit Lions, but he would later retire before the following season.
  • Sanders will appear on the cover of 2K Sports All-Pro Football 2K8.
  • Sanders reportedly was a member of the Detroit Lions because of former coach Wayne Fontes. The Lions' management wanted to draft another Sanders, cornerback Deion, but Fontes convinced them to draft Barry instead.
  • Sanders teamed up with ESPN's Kenny Mayne a few years after retirement and did a joke interview, stating his "retirement" was a result of miscommunication between Sanders and his coach Bobby Ross (Sanders saying he was "tired" and being misheard). The segment also made sure to point out that Sanders never spiked the ball during his career.
  • Sanders holds the record for the most yards gained on a Thanksgiving Day game.
  • In the Madden (video game) community, it is commonly referred to as playing like Barry Sanders when the juke and spin controls are used for domination.
  • With his very first kick return attempt in college at Oklahoma State, Barry Sanders took the ball all the way downfield for a touchdown. Then starting running back, Thurman Thomas looked at his coach and said, "This guy is gonna be pretty good."
  • Barry's son, Barry J. Sanders, is a running back at Stanford.
  • In early 2013, Sanders won a fan vote of 64 players to become the cover player on Madden 25.


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*Gil Brandt. "Hall recall: Barry Sanders",, July 22, 2004.

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