An asterisk denotes the participant in the bowls that invited the Big West champion: Pasadena (1969-70), California (1981-91), Las Vegas (1992-96), and Humanitarian (1997-2000)

Football Champions
Year University
1969 San Diego State*
1970 Long Beach State* & San Diego State
1971 Long Beach State
1972 San Diego State
1973 San Diego State
1974 San Diego State
1975 San Jose State
1976 San Jose State
1977 Fresno State
1978 San Jose State and Utah State
1979 Utah State
1980 Long Beach State
1981 San Jose State*
1982 Fresno State*
1983 Cal State Fullerton*
1984 Cal State Fullerton (UNLV* forfeited)
1985 Fresno State*
1986 San Jose State*
1987 San Jose State*
1988 Fresno State*
1989 Fresno State*
1990 San Jose State*
1991 Fresno State* & San Jose State
1992 Nevada*
1993 Utah State* & SW Louisiana
1994 UNLV*, SW Louisiana, & Nevada
1995 Nevada*
1996 Nevada* & Utah State
1997 Utah State* & Nevada
1998 Idaho*
1999 Boise State*
2000 Boise State*

The Big West Conference discontinued football following the 2000 season

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