Liz Panucci is the founder of the website Launched in 2011 as a place for female fans to discuss NFL football, it has grown into a social network that features female fans representing all 32 NFL teams.

Serving as the editor for the site, she encourages women to explain how they first fell in love with football when they write their first post on the site. A regular series of columns on the site includes titles such as: Latest and Greatest, Life Coach, It’s All Relative, Did You Hear, Speak your Mind and Football 101.

Liz has co-founded two more sports reporting websites that are worth the look:

Coming Summer 2017, watch for the opening of The Sisterhood Hub online mall. Deals for every sports fan!


Hailing from Kelowna, British Columbia, Liz Panucci grew up as a Miami Dolphins fan. Despite a life-long love of NFL football, Panucci did not attend her first NFL game until 2010, when the Chicago Bears blanked the Miami Dolphins by a 16-0 tally. As she stated to, she was amazed to see the number of female fans during tailgating and in the crowd.[1]


2. Liz Panucci

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